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Working and Coaching

I'm spinning plates at the moment. I'm enjoying it actually - and multitasking used to stress me out and deplete my energy. Now it seems to keep me on an even keel, mood-wise, and I feel a bit anxious if I have no work coming in. I suppose that's what most people feel, but I don't mean financially, I mean in terms of dividing my brain between teaching a couple of different accents a day and doing all the silly voices in various different studios week by week.

It's easier when I have students come to me - then I don't have to factor in travel time. But actually, when I'm on my way to one engagement from the last one, I find that I can get my admin done on the go and then when I'm back home the time is my own and the office becomes a place to relax. This all makes me feel very lucky. Just add in a few auditions and my head may start to explode, but I've done it all before, I can do it again.

For now, I've been filling my flat with plants and I'm now sitting on my sofa pretending I'm in the jungle. Here's a picture - maybe it'll tempt you to come here and have some fun with accents!

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