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Well I'm currently waiting to hear about a really important thing that will affect whether or not I can do a job I got months ago. It's hellish waiting. I'm working on the latest version of the script because it would be silly to waste free time NOT doing it, but I might be replaced if the thing doesn't do its thing. Yikes this business!

While I've done loads of voice over acting in these pandemic and post(ish)-pandemic years, the kind of acting job using my face and body has been pretty few and far between. Once again I thank the tiny child I was, sitting too close to the TV (terrible eyesight, my parents thought I only wanted glasses as an accessory) fascinated by the American, Australian, Brummie and who knows what other accents I could absorb from four channels of terrestrial television. The work I was unwittingly putting in, and the obsession I developed from such an early age has meant that I get to live a lovely life today, meeting new people every week and expanding my knowledge even now.

So wish me luck with the thing. I would desperately like to do the job. But if the thing goes down the drain, it won't be the end of the world. And I'll be very available for your every coaching need.

Also I played a couple of different animated shoes in my first ever cartoon last week, so that was some light relief. Heightened RP (evil) and Italian (sexy) if you're wondering.

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