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What's Next?

It's my birthday in just over a week. I think we all stop to reflect when we're about to get older about where exactly we are in life, and compare our situation to what we thought we'd be doing at this age when we left education. Ha! How many of us have the life we imagined back then? And would we really want it now if we had it?

The voiceovers have come in steadily since I got back from Scarborough but at this present moment there are no more in the diary. I'm not worried... yet. I have a few students next week and an audition for panto on Friday (autocorrect is desperate for this to be changed to 'pants', which my agent and I find highly amusing) so, since I've been asked to bring a comedy song, I've been belting out 'Class' from Chicago every few hours when I'm at home.

The first attempt at flyer-dropping hit a hitch when they told me at the Actor's Centre that I'd need to offer a discount to members if I wanted to leave flyers there. I'll get some sticky labels and print a discount offer on them - it'll be boring and labour-intensive but worth it in the end. I'll also try out a few more rehearsal and casting spaces. I've been asking friends to let me know if the places they've been rehearsing seem to have space for that kind of thing.

This business is mostly navigating the limbo of 'resting', but my only responsibility at the moment is to myself and some houseplants. So, lucky me - I'll keep going with the flow!

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