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The Kindness of Strangers - And Friends!

Having finally built a website and linked it to Twitter, the final step was to share it on Facebook. Somehow that seemed the most daunting thing. While I seem to tweet more and more about the silly things I see and do, and promote myself and my jobs relentlessly on Twitter, I tend to use Facebook to spy on other people and get invited to their plays and parties, not talk about myself.

I shouldn't have held back. So far I've had almost 90 likes (and loves) and a few people have shared to their friends. One even wrote a poem: 'Any peeps/Needing accent tweaks/Go see Aleex'. I think it's brilliant. He admits himself he's taken a bit of licence with the pronunciation of my name, but he is accord with my A-Level French teacher, and it does scan beautifully.

So there we are. Ditch the Imposter Syndrome. We all have so much to offer - let's share it around!

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