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Saffron Hill

Having had my first meeting with the theatre company Magnetic Island, I can now reveal that I'll be Consultant Accent Coach on their upcoming production of the new play, Saffron Hill. Including real life characters, the play is set in 1920s Limehouse, among the Italian and Chinese immigrants of East London.

My challenge is to help the actors inject some period Cockney into the accent that they'll be bringing to each part. Some more mysterious characters might only have a hint of an accent, and I'm excited to find out what kind of choices the actors and director will make.

I've also been working non stop with a lot of new people - the recommendations are coming in thick and fast. Again, I can't thank people enough for spreading the word, and I can't help but repeat that I love what I do and it's so gratifying to hear when I've really helped people.

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