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Just Keep Swimming

Well I'm super busy at the moment. I've been (safely) recording an audiobook from a studio in Queen's Park, I have a short voiceover to record at another studio next Saturday, and on Tuesday I'll be taking receipt of all the kit needed to film three new accent tutorials from home for the brilliant company I Am Pro - a kind of online drama school with a huge range of really exciting content available to download. I've also taken on several new accent and vocal technique students so I'm stretched pretty thin. Day off? What's one of those?

Today and tomorrow I'm in the eye of the hurricane. I only have one student each day so I'm able to have a bit of time to myself and to really enjoy it. My tax bill is paid and I'm bringing in enough money to buy myself treats. Because god knows I need treats as this global situation drags on.

I'm so, so lucky to be busy and creatively fulfilled. I've even got to hang out with another real human, albeit behind glass in an adjoining studio. We all wish we knew how far away that light at the end of this tunnel is. One thing we can be sure of is that's it's there, and it's coming. And one day this time will seem like a weird dream and we'll laugh about it together and then hug each other very tightly. And then wash our hands.

Either that or this is the apocalypse, in which case, see you in hell mofos - I've watched all the zombie movies and I'm READY.

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