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International Accent Coach To The Stars...

Today I had a Skype session with an actress in Paris - she is part Lebanese and is playing a Moroccan woman in something that starts filming in a couple of weeks. Lebanese tends to fall more under the 'general Arabic' umbrella of accents (although of course, they differ wildly as the Middle East is enormous), whereas Moroccan has some marked differences. Despite being mostly French herself, she wanted to veer away from the French-Moroccan accent that is easier to find online. We ended up coming up with something that was recognisably Middle Eastern, but also interesting in it's differences, and hopefully authentic enough for any Moroccans watching!

On Monday I had a session doing a Birmingham accent with a lovely lady who needs it for an upcoming project. It's a difficult accent with a host of influences, but she more or less picked it up within our hour's session, I was really impressed with her. I've successfully taught Brummie before - for someone auditioning for the new horror-comedy TV series 'Zomboat'. She got the job, and has invited me to her house on the night the first episode airs next week - she's having a little premiere party. I love my job. And zombies.

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