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Well! I've just had my new flyers delivered. They were designed by the brilliant Veronica Humphris who revamped this website and designed my cards (check out her website: We've gone for the catchy slogan 'Talk Shop'. It's punny, it's pithy, it's punchy.

I can't believe it's been less than a year since I first started work on this website. I'd been working as an accent coach for years beforehand but I'd only been getting clients through word of mouth. Now my client-base is growing all the time. I have regulars and one-offs; actors and 'real people'; I take lessons face to face, have Skype lessons and travel all over London; I have fun with old friends and I surprise strangers when they realise they already knew what they were doing - they just needed a confidence boost!

Here's to the next milestone and the next year - watch this space!

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