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Brand Awareness

I had a really exciting conversation today with an emerging graphic designer: Veronica Humphris. You can see her work at - it's very fresh, witty and eye-catching stuff.

I had initially asked to talk to her about designing some flyers for me, but she suggested she helps me sharpen up and grow my overall brand. Never having designed a website before, I knew mine was a tiny bit clunky and uninspiring, so was happy to take her notes. She's since sent me a questionnaire asking about my favourite brands, ways to describe myself and what I do, and the kind of clients I want to attract. Then in a week or so she'll send me some mood-board style ideas and I can give her my reactions to each. She's gone into so much more detail than I expected and I can't wait to see what she comes up with. My ideas were limited and a bit vague but I trust her, and I think she might know what I want better than I do.

I have no idea how long the brand revamp will take but watch this space!

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