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Back in Business

Having spent seven of the most intense weeks of my career doing pantomime in Norwich, I came back to London itching for a bit of variety, and to be my own boss again. I already had a few clients lined up who'd made enquiries while I was away, so I was off to a flying start. Soon more recommendations came in and I'm now consistently earning a living week by week! I'm so grateful to those that have shouted about me on social media, or passed on my card or flyer to someone who mentioned needing an accent coach.

In other news I've been working with a corporate client on his speech-making - tackling accent, pitch variation and even a bit of acting to make his speeches clearer and more impactful. I've also just been sent the script of a play on which I'll beconsulting, featuring Italian and Chinese accents! It's all very exciting and I'll blog about it as soon as I have more details.

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