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All the Jobs!

Having spent last year wondering if I'd ever again have a fulfilling acting job that lasted longer than a day's filming; this year I basically haven't stopped since mid-January. The gods are smiling on me. Is this karma? Whatever it is, I'll take it.

Having finished a wonderful run of Bodies at the Southwark Playhouse, I've recorded two audiobooks (accents have included Turkish, Armenian, German, Lebanese and Somalian) and am about to start rehearsals for Jane Clegg at the Finborough (note the cover image - that's our poster), before I head to the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough to do Stepping Out.

More on all of these if I get a chance - all this work is absolutely fantastic but it doesn't leave much time for... well... life. Tonight I'll be playing Ross in The Factory's Macbeth at the Matchstick Piehouse theatre in New Cross. Life's rich tapestry eh?

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