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A New Hope

Perhaps things aren't as bad as all that? It's perfectly healthy and human to feel down and anxious and paralysed in these strange days of isolation, but when nice things come along I find my joy surges higher than usual. Today through the post I got a microphone stand (for recording voiceovers at home), a book and a face mask home-made by my Mum (see picture). These things made me happy, as did having an online session with regular client, Steph.

I've been plugging away on social media lately - partly because I've got sod all else to do, and partly because it does occasionally send a new student my way, even these days. So I'm also happy because I've got a few new clients, and next week will actually be fairly busy. Some of them have booked half hour sessions which suit their budget, some have block-booked to take advantage of my offer (£20 off in total when you book four sessions!) and some are returning clients who just needed to settle into this brave new world and assess things before they could commit to spending any money on themselves. The money I'm earning wouldn't count as a living a month ago, but it almost does now. My savings will not be emptied!

So tomorrow I've got a virtual chat booked with a pal, then a virtual pub quiz, and then it seems I'm back to work! I can't wait.

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