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Dialect Coaching & Accent Reduction

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As an accent coach with almost 20 years experience in the industry, I want to help you feel confident in your next audition, acting job, business meeting or social event.  


My approach is tailored to the individual.

We all learn in different ways. 


Want to know if I teach the accent you need?  

Try me!


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About Me

Looking to improve your confidence in a particular accent or dialect?

Need a bit of one-on-one guidance from a professional?


Sometimes all it takes to surmount those mental barriers is a considerate instructor who knows how to teach at your pace.


Having worked with actors and other professionals since 2013, I bring plenty of stage, screen and recording booth experience as well as great instincts to those who are eager to expand their skills and range. I offer personalised lessons, followed by specific notes and guidance. Contact me to see how easy and fun learning an accent can be!

Many people find face to face sessions incredibly beneficial - you can come to me or I can visit you. I also conduct Zoom lessons if you'd prefer.  

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One On One Accent Coaching

Personalised Attention

I know how difficult it can be to find a reliable teacher who focuses on the goals you need to achieve.


I've known so many dialect coaches who know the theory but can't actually do the accent - or who hand out worksheets but don't listen to where a student might be going wrong.


As an experienced and passionate Accent Coach, I believe in an approach that gives students positive, constructive ways to learn. 

I design my lessons according to my students’ needs, with an emphasis on constructive diagnosis and confidence-boosting.

Accent Reduction

Customised Lessons to Fit Your Needs

I'm not just a Dialect Coach for actors.


I have worked with several clients who feel uncomfortable either at work or social occasions.  


Perhaps they feel a more neutral accent will give them more authority in the boardroom; or maybe they've noticed people brush them off at parties, having made an assumption based on their own prejudices associated with accent. 


Until we all live together in perfect harmony regardless of how we look and sound - why not boost your confidence in any situation by learning to disguise the tell-tale signs of not always having lived in London!

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"I worked with Alix on my American accent...

As well as being a very talented actress herself, she is a brilliant accent coach with a ridiculous number of accents in her back pocket.  

She is brilliant at structuring our sessions in a way that was most helpful to the way I learn whilst also making them super fun."

Cara Theobold

Actress, Downton Abbey, crazyhead, Zomboat

"Alix is very attentive and easy to connect to; she finds different ways to explain sounds that are 'unnatural' for a foreign speaker and knows a theoretical backbone behind the RP accent.  


I enjoy my lessons with Alix as she makes it easy to understand and practice RP at a different level."

Olga Garajeva

TV & Online content Executive Producer

"Alix is a fantastic teacher.  Friendly and professional with an incredible  knowledge and understanding of accent and dialect.  She's like a human accent database!  


She's also great at helping you learn in a way that works for you. I highly recommend her."

Jason Eddy

Actor, Shakespeare's Globe

"Alix's patience, experience and professionalism put me completely at ease.  She has a lovely, friendly manner and couple this with precise, playable accent notes which gave me the confidence I needed to walk into my audition the next day knowing that I had done everything I could to work on my voice.  I'd recommend her to anyone!"



Contact Me

Whether you're an actor working on a new accent

or a professional looking to lose the one you have, 

contact me to see how my services can help.

I'm based in North London.

07815 699 713

Productions on Which I've Worked...

The 39 Steps - Stephen Joseph Theatre Scarborough 2023 - Director: Paul Robinson

A Midsummer Night's Dream - Stafford Gatehouse 2023 - Director: Sean Turner

Platform 7 - ITV 2023

Once The Musical - London Palladium 2023 - Director: Dean Johnson

The Comedy of Errors - Stephen Joseph theatre Scarborough 2023 - Director: Paul Robinson

The City and The Town - Northern Stage 2023 - Director: Dritero Kasapi

Peaky Blinders, The Rise 2022 - Hartshorn-Hook Productions - Director: Elena Voce

Violence and Son - Fricative Theatre 2022 - Director: Aaron Blackledge

Making a Murderer The Musical - Edinburgh Festival 2022 - Director: Christian Durham

Jane Eyre - Stephen Joseph Theatre Scarborough 2022 - Director: Zoe Waterman

The Great Gatsby Immersive Experience 2022 - Hartshorn-Hook Productions - Director: Alexander Wright

The Offing - Stephen Joseph Theatre Scarborough 2021 - Director: Paul Robinson

The Performance 2021 - TP Films

The Last Train to Christmas 2021 - Sky - Director: Julian Kemp

Everything I Know About Love 2021 - BBC - Director: China Moo Young

Holes - Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds 2021 - Director: Owen Calvert-Lyons

Nightjars - Finite Films 2021 - Director: Paul Robinson

Stags - Off Main Stage Productions 2020 - Director: Naomi Wirthner

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